Arab Bridge Maritime – Folder

Arab Bridge Maritime is a joint venture between Jordan, Egypt, and Iraq. It is the only gateway between arab countries in both Asia and Africa. The Aqaba-Nuweiba ferry service line is used for the transportation of passengers, goods and vehicles of all sorts.

Arab Bridge Maritime requested a sleek, cutting edge and modern folder that showcases their personal fleet. I prepared both the visual and the design of the folder. Here is the outcome! Comments are welcome! 🙂

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doodle fries

would you like fries with that?


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New York Taxi

I love New York. I also love New York Taxis. Here is an illustration I made of a new York Taxi, dedicated to a really good friend of mine. Long live the memories.

nyc taxi


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From my sketchbook

Excuse the not so good quality of my scanner, but here are some random pages from my sketchbook:

(make sure you check out the older entries, they get pushed down as I post new things unfortunately!)

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Older stuff…-school

This is a piece that I found by chance looking for something else on my hard drive. Brought me back to the old times(year two in university). So here’s to old times sake, a typographic layout for a song that was chosen for us. Mine was, Sarah Mclaughlin – Angel. I guess I’ll be adding more things from the past as I come across them in the future.


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Hamleys – Santa’s Letter

Designed and aimed at the kids and their parents who shop at Hamleys. This fun little card emulates a gift box that is empty. That’s why every kid who walks into the store is required to send Santa a letter asking him for their Christmas wishes! The card then is mailed back to the kid’s parents, and in turn will hopefully come back to Hamleys for that secret Christmas wish.

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